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Securing the Sacred

Power Points from the Word

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This is a one of a kind security book, written through the unique perspective of a pastor and one of the security industry’s leading expers, will show you not only how to better protect your church, but why and how to put together your church security team. If you read one book about church security this year, this one will not disappoint you!

Power Points From the Word

Power Points from the Word

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I have known Andy for a few years, and have always had a great respect for his walk with the Lord. However, I must confess that I was astonished with the depth and scope of vision I found in his writings. Usually when I read a manuscript, I think what the author has written into a book really should have been written as a short article. With Power Points from the Word, I felt that almost every chapter of this work could have been a book.
– Rick Joyner

Stepping Stones Along the Path of Life

Stepping Stones Along the Path of Life

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Stepping Stones Along the Path of Life contains a rich wellspring of truth and knowledge drawn from the Scriptures and life experiences. This easy to read devotional provides fresh manna from God’s Word. Comfort, guidance, and sometimes correction will be experienced as readers follow this disciplined approach in their pursuit of God and the knowledge of the Scriptures.
– Rick Joyner

Breaking Through the Darkness CD

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This CD is full of inspired worship songs performed by Covenant Life Worship Band and Friends. The songs included are:

1. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
Words & Music by Martin Smith

2. Show Them Your Face (with Holy, Holy, Holy)
Show Them Your Face – Words & Music by Dr Andrew P. Surace
Holy, Holy, Holy – Words & Music by John B. Dykes and Reginald Heber

3. Open Up the Sky
Words & Music by Lindell Cooley and Lenny LeBlanc

4. There is Freedom
Words & Music by Mike Larson

5. Jesus You Are
Words & Music by Rita Baloche

6. We Will Dance
Words & Music by David Ruis

7. You Get It All
Words & Music by Dr. Andrew P. Surace

9. It Is Well
Words & Music by Jane Zigner

10. Breathe
Words & music by Marie Barnett

11. I See the Lord
Words by Mark McCoy, Andy Park

12. The Heart of Worship (With I Surrender All)
The Heart of Worship – Words & Music by Matt Redman
I Surrender All – Words by Judson W. Van de Venter, Music by Winfield S. Weeden

13. But For Your Grace (With Amazing Grace)
But For Your Grace – Words & Music by Rita Baloche
Amazing Grace – Words & Music by John Newton Traditional American Melody

14. Better Is One Day
Words & Music by Matt Redman

15. The Song of Jabez
Words & Music by Paul Baloche