Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To pursue His Presence, Purpose, and Power so that we may Reach One, Teach One, and Send One.

Our Vision

Christ Fellowship has been called by God to be a vibrant, balanced, Spirit-filled ministry:

  • A ministry that is called to be a light to the South Jersey area… And beyond.
  • A ministry that will provide a safe place where people can be transformed spiritually, physically, and emotionally to achieve their destiny in Christ.
  • A ministry that communicates the uncompromised truth of God’s Word with an emphasis on equipping, imparting, and activating those truths into the lives of believers.
  • A ministry that freely worships God in Spirit and truth to create an atmosphere where the purposes of God are identified and pursued.
  • A ministry where the Holy Spirit, His Presence, and His Fruits and Gifts are manifested supernaturally.
  • A ministry that through discipleship, mentoring, and accountability produces leaders with integrity to help advance the Kingdom of God.
  • A ministry that ministers to children of all ages and encourages them to find their identity and pursue their destiny in Christ.